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PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES Booking Terms Of Agreement


The purpose of this site is to show examples of the types of photography we are capable of providing. The use of this site is for prospective photography clients to views samples and select the kind of photos they want from this studio. Any other use is expressly forbidden and your only recourse of action is to discontinue use immediately.


All photography assignments and opportunities shall be undertaken at the sole discretion of the photographer based on availability and personal taste. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


All photography assignments and bookings shall require an up front retainer to secure photographic services. As a client, your retainer guarantees our availability and that another event will not be booked in your place. Without a retainer, no binding agreement guaranteeing service is in place and another opportunity may eclipse your desired shoot time. In no case shall the photographer, company, associates, subcontractors and so forth be held liable in any way for the client’s failure to understand and comply with this Terms of Retainer.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, the retainer shall be 1/2 the total cost and no less than $100.00 USD. This non-refundable retainer remains the photographer’s should you cancel, change or otherwise not complete the photographic session for any reason.


If you need to reschedule your agreed upon photo session, and give more than 2 weeks notice, your rescheduling fee is your retainer minus $50. If you reschedule with less than 2 weeks notice, your rescheduling fee is equal to your retainer. Please understand that when you reschedule a time we have already reserved for you, we have turned away business that we cannot re-book so as to guarantee that your time is your’s alone. Our rescheduling fee helps recoup a fraction of that lost business. We are a busy studio but will accommodate your rescheduling needs to the very best of our ability.


Unless otherwise specifically negotiated on a per-contract basis, as the creator, I own full copyright of all photos my studio takes. Our purpose in this is the rightful ability to show my photographic work to be our own, for promotional and portfolio purposes. Unless otherwise specifically negotiated on a per-contract basis, client received unlimited reproduction rights. That means you can use the final photos I deliver to you for any of your own uses – in print, online, in marketing, etc.. I retain the copyright and my clients retain reproduction rights. Thus, my clients do not have to check in with me or my studio to get specific permission to use my photos of them from anything from emails to billboards to social media to book jackets to magazine editorial use, etc. But because my clients do not own copyright to my photos, the one thing they cannot do is sell my photos. You cannot sell to a 3rd party that which you do not own. My clients retain the right to reproduce my photos of them for their purposes and this is what my clients are purchasing from my studio.

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